Entry and Membership Fee and Prizes  2019


Entry Fees


Each Adult = €10.00

Each Junior = €5.00

Dapp competitions each adult and junior = €10.00


Membership Fees


a.Single Adult membership - €20

b.Single Junior Membership - €5

c.Family Membership - €30

d.Student and O.A.P. Membership - €10


Junior membership applies to those under 18 and in full time education.

Family Membership applies to two adults (either married or co-habiting) and any children in the family who are under 18 and in full time education.

Student membership applies to those who are 18 or over and in full time education or under 18 in part time education and part time employment. Those under 18 and in full time employment shall be liable for the Single Adult Membership and O.A.P. membership shall apply to those aged 65 or over.

All membership fees must be paid by the end of March or at the next competition after the end of March that the angler attends.

Day Membership will remain at €10 and can only be used twice in one season after which the person must take out full membership. Day memberships are accepted at the discretion of the Captain of the day.


Competition Prizes


1st - €150

2nd - €110

3rd - €75

4th - €60

5th - €40

Boat Raffle Prize - €30


Presentations will take place between 9.15pm and 9.30pm at the assigned presentation venue.


If you want to join and have not previously been a member then please download a form here and send it to the secretary so that your application maybe considered by the commitee.



Click here to download Application for membership 2019